By analysing your existing business applications and processes, current workflow and data processes, we can design software, databases and system architectures that will streamline and enhance your business to give you a clear competitive advantage:

  • Web and cloud applications (Java, C#, C++, C, SQL, J2EE, .NET, XML/HTML, legacy applications)
  • Mobile application development (iOS, Android)
  • Content Management Systems, Responsive Designs and User Interfaces
  • E-commerce, CRM, E-mail Marketing and Big Data
  • Network management, security audits and pen-tests
  • Specialist hosting: we run a secure private grid and cloud infrastructure with a 100% uptime guarantee for all your hosting requirements: e.g. DNS, Mail, Windows, Linux, containers

Breadth of experience: Our technical skill set covers Microsoft®, Oracle®, Google, Amazon Web Services, Apple and SUN Microsystems technologies as well as a growing range of Open Source Software (OSS) products.

Vendor agnostic: We are not locked into any vendor and are therefore able to advise on the most appropriate choice of technology for your specific needs.

Resourceful: We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and our ability to resolve even the most complex business processes into agile, simple-to-use desktop or web applications.

We take time to fully understand your requirements, listening to all stakeholders involved and asking the right questions. Based in the UK, we are easily accessible and able to closely work with you throughout the development stages of your project.